Brewarrina, the small town with huge community spirit

Brewarrina is a small town in north-west New South Wales, but don’t let its size fool you - it’s a town with huge community spirit.

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When COVID-19 recently came to Brewarrina, the community banded together to keep each other safe.

The leaders of the community saw what COVID-19 was doing to other regional areas in NSW. That is what moved them to take steps to protect the town straight away and to ensure that the Elders and vulnerable people were cared for as well as staying hopeful and positive for the future.

Throughout this current outbreak, the town has reported very few positive COVID-19 cases, but they didn’t get complacent. As soon as cases were reported in community, the locals sprang into action spreading the word to stay at home and keep people safe.

Even more impressive is that people in this town report that more than 90 per cent of the population have had their first dose and around 40 per cent have had their second dose.

In Brewarrina, the whole community is standing together, including the police, the council, the health system and local community members to ensure they support each other through this tough time.

Trish Frail (pictured), local business owner in Brewarrina, is doing everything she can to help her community. From the Thulii Ngemba Café, named after the Ngemba people, Trish has been cooking up meals for local Elders, delivering the food to the community, as well as supporting local health workers with free coffee and lunches. The Thulii Ngemba Café was able to do this with the help and support from the community after doing a donation drive.

To read more about what’s been happening in Brewarrina, visit the SBS website.

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