ATAGI update following weekly COVID-19 meeting – 20 April 2022

An update from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) following their weekly meeting on 20 April 2022.

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Latest recommendation updates

Recent ATAGI considerations

On Wednesday 20 April 2022, ATAGI met to consider the latest developments relating to COVID-19 immunisation. As of 19 April 2022, over 57 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Australia.

Use of Booster doses in adolescents aged 12-15 years

On 8 April 2022 TGA provisionally approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine as a booster in people aged 12-15 years. ATAGI released advice that it does not recommend booster doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in this age group, at this time. 

ATAGI is continuing to consider evidence on the benefits and risks of boosters in this age group including the epidemiology, adverse events, and evidence of groups at higher risk of severe disease or groups that will benefit from further doses. ATAGI will update recommendations if required.

ATAGI continues to recommend young people aged 5 to 15 years receive a primary course of a COVID-19 vaccine, including those who may have previously had COVID-19. For most people this is 2 doses, or 3 primary doses for people who are severely immunocompromised.

ATAGI also encourages anyone aged 16 years and over to receive a booster dose as soon as they are eligible. More information on COVID-19 boosters is available on the Department of Health COVID-19 booster vaccine advice page.

Ongoing review of evidence and recommendations

As part of an ongoing review of current recommendations on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in Australia, ATAGI have been reviewing information relating to SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence, modelling of COVID-19 in Australia and current epidemiology, and COVID-19 treatments.

Ongoing review of adverse events and safety information

The ATAGI COVID-19 Safety Group have undertaken a review of current and emerging data regarding rare adverse events of myocarditis and pericarditis following COVID-19 vaccination. Further information will be available shortly.

The TGA Weekly Report provides a detailed breakdown of adverse events following immunisation, including Australian rates of myocarditis and pericarditis.

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More information can be found on the Department of Health website, with resources for both providers and patients.

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