Media event date: 
12 September 2020
Date published: 
13 September 2020
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The Commonwealth Government today releases a data snapshot of residential aged care facilities which have recorded COVID-19 infections.

The report provides greater transparency for residents and their families around the situation in aged care facilities.

It will complement the existing reporting of COVID-19 in Australia, including the aged care totals reported daily.

The data includes all aged care facilities where there has been more than one case in either a staff member or resident.
It shows that of the 2,706 aged care facilities in Australia, 213 - or 8 per cent - have had cases of COVID-19.

The data does not include details on facilities that have had a single case - there are 98 of these facilities across the country. 

The report compares the current impact of COVID-19 in residential aged care to previous influenza outbreaks and demonstrates how Australia is performing internationally.

Supports described in the report include testing, workforce and personal protective equipment support to help the aged care sector with its response to this pandemic.

The Morrison Government has continued to ensure quality of care for senior Australians remains a priority during the pandemic. It is why more than $1.5 billion to date has been invested. 

The report will be updated weekly and can be found here.