What we’re funding

The Australian Government is investing $10 million in accredited Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres (AHRTCs) and Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRHs) across Australia, which are important collaborations of healthcare, research and education leaders working to support health systems research.

Desired outcomes

The purpose of this research funding is to:

  • improve patient experience by improving care pathways and service connections
  • reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare and patient outcomes
  • improve the health of certain at risk groups in Australia, such as Indigenous Australians.

Key elements

AHRTCs and CIRHs are health service led collaborations working on priority driven research priorities, involving:

  • universities
  • medical research institutes
  • hospitals
  • primary care networks
  • community services.

AHRTCs and CIRHs are internationally peer reviewed and National Health and Medical Research Council accredited. They are recognised as research leaders, succeeding in turning research outcomes into improved patient care.

AHRTCs and CIRHs can overcome barriers to innovation in healthcare through collaboration and conducted targeted research that directly patients access health services.

Why it’s important

  • AHRTCs and CIRHs bring together academia, service and industry stakeholders with the focus on the end-user — the patient .
  • Turning research into real health benefits ensures health services provide evidence-based and best practice care.
  • A high level of collaboration is the key to ensuring health service problems, such as overuse of the emergency department, are identified and solved.
  • AHRTC and CIRH collaborations have the capacity to implement and roll out great new solutions to improve health care across Australia.

How to apply

Applications for this program are closed.

Last updated: 
28 August 2018