About the program

The Program of Assistance for Survivors of Torture and Trauma helps people who survived trauma and torture before moving to Australia on humanitarian grounds.

It provides specialised support services to help them cope with psychological or psychosocial issues arising from their trauma.

Support includes:

  • counselling
  • advocacy and referrals to health and other services
  • education and training of health and service providers
  • activities that build capacity and help communities grow stronger
  • rural, regional and remote outreach services to ensure access to services outside cities  
  • resources to help specialist counselling and support services deliver effective services.

Why the program is important

Many people who arrive in Australia on humanitarian grounds have survived major trauma in their former home country.

This can have profound and long-lasting impacts on the individual, their family and their community.

Many face severe mental ill-health, including depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, fear, anger and poor self-esteem.

Getting the right support can help address these issues and reduce their impact.

Goals of the program

The program supports survivors of trauma and torture to tackle psychological and psychosocial issues resulting from their experiences.

This helps people cope with the impact of their trauma, so they can rebuild their lives.

Who we work with

The Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma delivers the program through 8 rehabilitation agencies. There is one agency in each state and territory.

People can either seek the support themselves, or can be referred through:

  • the Humanitarian Settlement Program
  • other settlement services
  • doctors and health services
  • education providers
  • legal services
  • community services
  • family, friends and community members.


Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma contact

Contact the Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma to find specialised support near you.

admin [at] fasstt.org.au

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Last updated: 
17 March 2021