What is the Primary Health Care Research initiative?

This initiative will invest $45 million over 9 years in research that is relevant to primary care.

Why is the Primary Health Care Research initiative important?

This initiative supports health professionals and researchers with an interest in primary care to conduct research that is relevant to their needs. As a result, patients will experience improved, evidence-based primary health care in Australia.

What are the goals of the Primary Health Care Research initiative?

The goal of this initiative is to increase Australia’s evidence base in primary health care through research to improve service delivery and patient outcomes, and translate this knowledge into action.

How will we meet these goals?

In the first instance, a $5 million open targeted call for research will be established in 2019–20 to fund projects that align with priorities currently being developed under the Primary Health Care 10 Year Plan.

See the initiative snapshot for details of how we plan to meet these goals.

MRFF snapshot – Primary Health Care Research

This snapshot shows this initiative at a glance. It includes budgets, early funding priorities and grant timelines, as at November 2019. Researchers and other stakeholders can use it to plan for upcoming opportunities and see how the initiative will be established, expanded and embedded over time.

Who works with us on the Primary Health Care Research initiative?

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funds the initiative.

Our Health and Medical Research Office oversees this and other MRFF initiatives.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) administers this initiative. 

Apply for funding

We will list grants on GrantConnect when they open. If you want GrantConnect to notify you about future MRFF grants:

  • register with them
  • enter ‘MRFF’ in the keyword section of your GrantConnect profile


Upcoming grants

There are currently no upcoming grants. 

Open grant rounds

The Primary Health Care Research grant opportunity opened on 11 December 2019 and will close on 5 February 2020.

Grants being assessed

No grant rounds are currently being assessed.

Grants awarded

We have not funded any projects under this initiative yet.

Related information

See a list of all MRFF grant recipients.


For more information contact us.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) contact

Contact for more information about the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), or to provide feedback on the MRFF website.

General enquiries:
MRFF [at] health.gov.au
MRFF website feedback:
HMRO [at] health.gov.au

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National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funds high quality health and medical research to build research capability, support researchers, encourage the translation of research into better health outcomes and promote the highest ethical standards for health and medical research.

help [at] nhmrc.gov.au

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Last updated: 
24 December 2019