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Research missions

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) provides funding for research missions with vision and transformative impact.

Missions in medical research

A mission is a program of work with ambitious objectives that are only possible through significant investment, leadership and collaboration.

A mission brings together key researchers, health professionals, stakeholders, industry partners and patients to tackle significant health challenges like brain cancer. This joint effort supports:  

  • the discovery of new techniques and treatments
  • healthier Australians
  • new jobs and business growth.

Benefits of missions


  • promote new evidence based approaches to treatment, prevention, diagnosis and the management of disease
  • enable exchange of knowledge between researchers, health professionals and health service providers
  • will position Australia as a global research leader
  • create new jobs and business growth.

Missions challenge current ways of thinking and transform medical research by inspiring researchers to be bold and change the face of medicine.

Missions in health 

Australian Brain Cancer Mission — established to double survival rates and improve the quality of life of people living with brain cancer over the next decade. Cancer Australia will coordinate and administer the Mission.

Million Minds Mental Health Research Mission — to support one million people with mental health issues or at risk of self harm or suicide access new approaches to diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Last updated: 
9 October 2018

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