About the fund

The MRFF is investing to supercharge the growth of our health and medical research, while fuelling jobs, economic growth and export potential. 

The MRFF delivers better and more advanced health care and medical technology for Australians. It supports our inspiring researchers to make the next big medical discoveries that benefit all Australians. It’s about giving hope to Australians in need, where previously there was none, and creating the opportunity to have a better and longer life.

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Supporting industry jobs and growth

The Australian Government is investing in a plan to create an environment of innovation for health and medical researchers.

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Applying for funding

How to access and apply for MRFF funding.

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Meet our inspiring researchers

Professor North tells us how genomics is helping many children, who only five or ten years ago would have been admitted to hospital for invasive tests, sometimes without answers.


An expert in understanding newborn babies' brains, Associate Professor Cheong describes her work to understand and protect newborn babies from risks at birth.


MRFF initiatives

The MRFF funds a number of research initiatives that align with the current MRFF Strategy and Priorities.

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10 year life-saving and job-creating medical research plan

The 2019–20 Federal Budget details the Australian Government's commitment to supporting lifesaving medical research. The Budget includes a $5 billion 10-year investment plan from the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).