What we’re funding

$18.1 million to support preventive health research with a focus on implementation science. The program will involve competitive and targeted grant opportunities.

Desired outcomes

The purpose of this research funding is to support:

  • systematic uptake of existing research findings and other evidence-based practice
  • evidence as routine practice, to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of preventive healthcare interventions
  • improved health outcomes of people with complex and chronic conditions
  • enhanced collaboration and integration of research outcomes into community-based health services, and support and education programs
  • reduced burden on the Australian hospital system by decreasing avoidable admissions
  • long-term economic efficiencies for payers of services, including patients and carers, the Commonwealth, and states and territories
  • established partnerships between researchers, the community, policy makers, health professionals and/or service providers that have long-term promise.

Key elements

This program will support preventive health, behavioural economics and implementation science research to:

  • reduce avoidable hospitalisations
  • improve the prevention and management of chronic and complex health conditions.

Why it’s important

There are many drivers of hospital admissions, including:

  • chronic and complex diseases
  • acute medical and mental health conditions
  • palliative care
  • substance abuse.

Of these, chronic diseases, especially mismanaged chronic conditions, are key factors to high rates of hospital admission and readmission. Hospitalisation may be prevented through:

  • better self-management, including lifestyle changes
  • effective and enhanced coordinated care models, such as timely care at home
  • other models which can support patient care out of hospital.

Research has identified the rising issue of complex and chronic conditions and the importance of translating and upscaling research outcomes and evidenced-based practices into preventive healthcare solutions for the community and, overall keeping people out of hospital.

How to apply

An open and competitive grant opportunity will close on 30 January 2019. For information on how to apply visit the NHMRC website. To apply, visit GrantConnect.

You may wish to register on GrantConnect to ensure you are alerted to all grant opportunities.

Closed grant opportunity

For information on the MRFF: Keeping Australians Out of Hospital – The Preventative Health Research in Rural and Regional Communities (Tasmania) grant opportunity visit GrantConnect.

Last updated: 
14 December 2018