Information for disability service providers about COVID-19 vaccines

Information and resources for disability service providers regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

COVID-19 booster doses

What you need to know

People with disability living in shared residential accommodation settings who have completed their primary course of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 6 months ago are eligible for a booster dose.

Booster doses are available through Commonwealth vaccination providers, either through in-reach or a dedicated disability hub, or through other channels such as a GP, pharmacy, or state or territory vaccination clinic.

If your residential service sites received in-reach for dose 2 at least 6 months ago from a Commonwealth vaccination provider, your service will be contacted shortly to organise booster doses.

If you have an enquiry, contact the COVID19VacTFDisabilityServices1A [at] (COVID-19 vaccine disability team).

Learn more about booster doses for COVID-19.

Commonwealth vaccination providers will also continue to give direct in-reach support to disability specific hubs for dose 1 and dose 2 visits.

Third doses and boosters

It is also important to know that a booster vaccination is different to a third dose. ATAGI has recommended only people who are severely immunocompromised should receive a third dose.

If you have residents or workers who are GP assessed as requiring a third dose because they are severely immunocompromised, these people should receive a third dose as soon as possible.

ATAGI has not issued advice on whether or not people who need a third dose will need a booster.

In-reach services

We continue to support in-reach services for people with disability living in disability and aged care residential accommodation settings of 2 or more people.

We encourage disability providers to have vaccination information on hand in Easy Read format and in other languages for people getting vaccinated. They cover all aspects of the vaccination process, including getting ready for a COVID-19 vaccination and the period after receiving one.

COVID19VacTFDisabilityServices1A [at] (Contact us) if you would like to arrange an in-reach service for your site. 

You do not need to wait for in-reach services if other services will meet your needs.

Disability provider alerts

Our disability provider alerts keep the sector up to date with changes to the COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

You can circulate the alerts to your workforce to keep them informed about the latest changes. 

COVID19VacTFDisabilityServices1A [at] (subject: Subscribe%20to%20disability%20provider%20alerts) (Email us to subscribe).

Disability sector vaccination statistics

Our COVID-19 vaccination daily rollout updates contain the latest statistics on the vaccination rate of people with disability and the disability workforce.

We strongly encourage disability providers to help their clients and workers access vaccinations in the fastest way possible in their specific circumstances. 

There are now many ways that you, your workers and your clients can get vaccinated. 

Accessible state and territory clinics

Some states and territories are offering services that make getting a vaccine easier for people with disability:

GPs and community pharmacies

GPs and community pharmacies also offer vaccination services. They may have the earliest available appointments in some places. 

You can use the Vaccine Clinic Finder to find suitable services near you. 

Vaccination hubs

See our vaccination hubs for people with a disability, and for disability workers.

Last updated: 
29 November 2021

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