About the Clinician Researchers initiative

The Clinician Researchers initiative will provide $200 million over 10 years between 2022-23 and 2031-32 for health care professionals to carry out research projects.

Why it is important

This initiative supports health care professionals to undertake research that will improve clinical care and practice, including through engagement with patients.

The initiative will also support clinicians to focus on developing and refining their research skills and build research capacity.

Many health care professionals have had to choose between life as a researcher or a clinician. This can mean that research doesn’t address problems seen in clinical practice.


The objective of this initiative is to help the next generation of talented Australian health professionals drive research, make new discoveries and ensure implementation of best practice care for their patients.

Meeting our objectives

We will monitor the initiative in accordance with the principles and approach detailed in the MRFF Monitoring, evaluation and learning strategy.

Who we work with

The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) funds the initiative.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources administer this initiative. 

Apply for funding

View the MRFF grants calendar to see which grants are open, when applications close and when we expect to award funding.

Register with GrantConnect to receive notifications about future funding opportunities under this initiative.

Grants awarded

See a list of all MRFF grant recipients.


For more information, contact us.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) contact

Contact for more information about the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), or to provide feedback on the MRFF website.

General enquiries:
MRFF [at] health.gov.au
MRFF website or newsletter feedback:
HMRO [at] health.gov.au

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National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funds high quality health and medical research to build research capability, support researchers, encourage the translation of research into better health outcomes and promote the highest ethical standards for health and medical research.

help [at] nhmrc.gov.au

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Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources

Contact the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Medical Research Future Fund enquiries
MRFF [at] industry.gov.au

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Last updated: 
29 March 2022