What we’re funding

The Australian Government has invested $10 million to promote better health choices, prevent disease and keep people out of hospital. The The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre (TAPPC), a nationally accredited organisation, is leading this important research.

Desired outcomes

The purpose of this research funding is to:

  • foster new discoveries that lead to practical use in community and clinical settings
  • increase collaboration across academic disciplines and health services to better understand the social, cognitive and emotional aspects of people’s health choices
  • develop effective guidance, tools and interventions to support Australians to live active and healthy lives.

Key elements

This funding supports research into a range of topics including:

  • tackling childhood obesity, encouraging better nutrition and increasing physical activity for all Australians
  • encouraging people to make smarter lifestyle choices
  • encourage better health, food and activity choices for at-risk populations such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and people living with complex and chronic diseases, including mental illness.

Why it’s important

  • Over 50% of Australians 18 years and older do not eat recommended serves of fruit and 90% don’t eat enough vegetables.
  • Only ⅓ of Australian children, 1 in 10 teens and more than 40% of adults undertake the recommended level of physical activity every day.
  • Obesity costs Australian society $8.6 billion a year (2011–12 estimate) in terms of healthcare and lost productivity due to disability.
  • Lack of physical activity accounts for 5 per cent of the total burden of disease and is a major contributor to some cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

How to apply

Applications for this program are closed.

Last updated: 
20 June 2019