About the CDC

We are establishing an Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to improve Australia's ongoing response and preparedness for current and emerging public health emergencies.

Why it is important

Over the last 2 years Australia's health system has had to respond to several public health emergencies.

All Australians will benefit from an improved pandemic preparedness response, and a renewed focus on preventing chronic disease.


The Australian CDC will:

  • ensure ongoing pandemic preparedness
  • lead the federal response to future infectious disease outbreaks
  • work to prevent non-communicable (chronic) and communicable (infectious) diseases.

Who we work with

To set up the Australian CDC we will consult and work with:

  • state and territory governments
  • health and aged care stakeholders
  • the community.


Planning is underway to determine the governance, scope and structure of the Australian CDC.


Contact the Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) planning team for more information about the Australian CDC.

CDCplanning [at] health.gov.au