Booking an appointment

You can book a vaccine appointment at a range of health services. If you're eligible, you can get free vaccines from the National Immunisation Program (NIP). Check with your vaccine provider about costs, because some providers may charge a consultation fee. You should also ask about costs for vaccines that aren't funded by the NIP.

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Where can I make a booking?

For information about vaccination providers and how to find one near you, go to Where can I get immunised?

Do I need to pay to get immunised?

Free NIP vaccinations

The National Immunisation Program (NIP) provides vaccines free to eligible people. Your eligibility for NIP vaccines depends on your age or increased medical risk.

You can refer to the NIP Schedule to find out which vaccines you or your family are eligible to receive. The NIP funds all immunisations linked to family assistance payments.

While all NIP vaccinations are free of charge, sometimes your doctor or health care provider may charge a consultation fee for the visit. Check with the practice when you make your appointment.

Vaccinations that aren’t funded

If you need additional immunisations that the NIP schedule does not fund – like the annual flu vaccine (if you are not in an at-risk group) or travel vaccines – you might need to:

  • get a prescription for the vaccine
  • buy it from a pharmacy
  • return to your doctor for vaccination.

Some doctors might have these vaccines available in their clinics, or some pharmacies may offer vaccination services.

Check with your provider when you book your appointment.

The costs of vaccines vary depending on what type they are, their formula and where you buy them.

How do I keep track of bookings?

To keep track of your or your child’s vaccination appointments, you can use smartphone apps to get immunisation reminders.

Last updated: 
28 June 2019

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