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After a vaccine, you or your child may experience mild side effects. You should report any severe or unexpected reactions to your doctor or nurse.

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What happens after the appointment?

After your appointment, your vaccination provider will enter information about the vaccine they gave your or your child into the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR). The AIR records all National Immunisation Program (NIP) vaccines, and most privately purchased vaccines, given to people of all ages.

See Check immunisation history to access your records.

Side effects from immunisation

Immunisations are safe and effective, although all medication can have unwanted side effects. Serious reactions to immunisation are rare.

Common reactions to immunisation can include a mild fever and pain where you received the needle. Most reactions are mild and go away quickly.

For specific information about side effects from different doses of vaccines, ask your doctor or healthcare professional.

See your doctor or nurse as soon as possible or go directly to a hospital if:

  • you have a reaction that you consider severe or unexpected
  • you are worried about yourself or your child’s condition after vaccination.

Rare side effects of immunisation

There is a very small risk of a serious allergic reaction to any vaccine. This is why you are advised to stay at the clinic or medical surgery for a period of time following your immunisation.

Last updated: 
27 November 2017

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