Poliovirus infection

Find out how we define and monitor cases of polio, how you can get vaccinated, and where you can learn more about this disease.

About polio

Polio is caused by poliovirus. It is a serious disease that can lead to long-term disability, paralysis and death. Most people recover completely, but a small number experience muscle and nerve damage that result in lifelong disability.

Australia has been officially polio-free since 2000. Polio is present in only a few countries in the world.

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Polio can be prevented with vaccination. In Australia, the polio vaccine is free under the National Immunisation Program Schedule.

Polio immunisations are available in each Australian state and territory.


Find out more about getting vaccinated against polio.

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

For information about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, see healthdirect's polio page.

Surveillance and reporting

Polio is a nationally notifiable disease.

We monitor cases through the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System and our polio surveillance program.

For more on polio in Australia, you can search Communicable Diseases Intelligence.

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