Hepatitis E

Find out how we define and monitor cases of hepatitis E, and where you can learn more about this disease.

About hepatitis E

Hepatitis is an illness that inflames and damages your liver. It affects the liver’s ability to do its job, which includes making proteins and clearing the blood of impurities.

Hepatitis E virus is a species of disease in the unclassified family Hepeviridae. In Australia, people who eat undercooked pork products, particularly pork livers, are at risk of becoming infected. Diagnosis is based on symptoms and confirmed by a blood test showing antibodies to hepatitis E.

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Prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

For information about symptoms, diagnosis and treatment, see healthdirect's hepatitis page.

Surveillance and reporting

Hepatitis E is a nationally notifiable disease.

We monitor cases through the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System.

For more on hepatitis E in Australia, you can search Communicable Diseases Intelligence

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