The Traumatic Brain Injury Mission Expert Advisory Panel has been appointed to provide the Minister for Health with advice on the strategic priorities for research investment through this Mission. Its role is to define evidence and knowledge gaps that should be addressed through Mission research funding to assist in transforming health care and health outcomes for individuals and communities. This role includes the definition of key research questions that, if answered, will deliver meaningful change to patients through the translation of research.

Expert Advisory Panel members will consult and engage with other researchers, industry and consumer/patient groups and participate in media and public activities to build awareness of and facilitate interaction with the Mission and with other MRFF-funded research.

Further information on the roles and responsibilities of MRFF Expert Advisory Panels can be found in the MRFF Mission Governance resource.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Mission will seek to:

  • better predict recovery outcomes after a traumatic brain injury
  • develop new technologies
  • identify the most effective care and treatments


The Australian Government will appoint the Expert Advisory Panel, which will be independently Chaired. 

Terms of reference

We will make the terms of reference available once the Government endorses them. 


The Traumatic Brain Injury Mission Expert Advisory Panel will meet up to twice a year. 

Related committees and groups

The Expert Advisory Panel reports to the Minister for Health.

We provide secretariat support to the panel.


Traumatic Brain Injury Mission Expert Advisory Panel contact

Contact for further information on the Traumatic Brain Injury Mission Expert Advisory Panel. This mission is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

MRFF [at]

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Last updated: 
11 December 2019