Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser and Taskforce

Ms Christine Morgan is the first National Suicide Prevention Adviser, reporting directly to the Prime Minister. She is driving a whole-of-government national approach to suicide prevention, in support of the Australian Government’s ‘towards zero’ suicides goal.


Ms Morgan’s role is to provide advice around:

  • reducing the risk of the kind of distress that leads to suicide and self-harm – this means keeping people healthy and connected with their communities, and tackling the social reasons for suicide
  • making sure people who find themselves in distress get immediate and effective support
  • finding ways to connect services and empower all of us to recognise and respond to people in distress and instil hope.


Ms Morgan submitted her final advice to the Prime Minister in December 2020. The final advice builds on her interim advice provided in August 2020, and includes:

  • a focus on system shifts to achieve a national whole-of-government approach to suicide prevention
  • action areas to deliver a more connected, compassionate response that supports people in distress earlier. 

This work was informed by thorough consultation with:

  • people with lived experience of suicide
  • all Australian Government portfolios
  • each state and territory government
  • a broad range of stakeholders, including suicide prevention organisations, medical and allied health and mental health peak bodies, local governments, Primary Health Networks, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and members of the Adviser’s Expert Advisory Group.

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Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Adviser or Taskforce contact

Contact the National Mental Health Commission with any general enquiries about suicide prevention.
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