Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal

Learn about the tribunal’s role in determining how much pharmacists are paid for dispensing medicines.


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal (PBRT) is an independent statutory body established under section 98A of the National Health Act 1953.

Its main function is to determine how much the Australian Government pays pharmacists for dispensing medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

This includes fees for:

Terms of reference

The terms of reference for this tribunal are listed in the National Health Act.


The National Health Act requires that the tribunal consists of:

  • a chairperson appointed by the Governor-General
  • 4 additional members appointed by the Minister for Health and Aged Care on a part-time basis.

It also requires that the chairperson shall hold office as a deputy president of the Fair Work Commission.

At least one additional member must have been, but is no longer, engaged directly or indirectly in community pharmacy. The Minister for Health appoints this member after consultation with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


Background and experience

Chairperson Ms Abbey Beaumont

Ms Beaumont is Deputy President of Fair Work Commission. She has extensive experience in health, science and law.

Dr Shaun Larkin

Dr Larkin has extensive experience in health-related fields with an emphasis on health policy and financing.

Ms Wendy Phillips

Ms Phillips is a former executive director of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (retired) and is the community pharmacy representative on the board.

Vacant position

Position is vacant.

Vacant position

Position is vacant.


The tribunal meets at least once a year. Additional meetings are held if needed.

Meeting summaries

There are no meeting summaries for this tribunal. Its work results in a change to the Commonwealth Price (Pharmaceutical Benefits Supplied by Approved Pharmacists) Determination 2020.


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