Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel

The Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel (NTREAP) will support the Natural Therapies Review 2019–20.


The role of the Advisory Panel is to support the Natural Therapies Review 2019–20 by providing advice to the Australian Government Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Professor Michael Kidd, in relation to the 16 excluded natural therapies on:

  • any additional evidence of their clinical effectiveness published since the 2014–15 review or high quality evidence not included in the 2014–15 review to be assessed by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
  • the reports on the evidence evaluations to be provided by the NHRMC

Terms of reference

NTREAP Terms of Reference


In accordance with the Department of Health’s conflict of interest policy, all members have either confirmed they have no conflicts of interest or have declared any potential conflicts. All members have also confirmed, if any conflicts of interest arise during the course of their appointment, they will:

  1. immediately notify the Department; and
  2. take such steps as the Department may reasonably require to resolve or otherwise deal with that conflict of interest.
Members of the Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel.


Background and experience

Professor Michael Kidd (Chair)

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the Australian Government and medical adviser to the Minister for Health and the Department of Health.

Professor Alan Bensoussan

Director of the NICM Health Research Institute at the Western Sydney University. Ministerial appointments to several state, Commonwealth and international committees including in relation to complementary, herbal and traditional medicines.

Ms Ainslie Cahill

Consumer representation on a wide range of Commonwealth, university and industry committees in relation to health, including clinical trials. Previously CEO of Arthritis Australia where her role included overseeing assessment of grants applications including for natural therapies.

Ms Leanne Davis

Yoga practitioner and teacher. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency registered acupuncturist. President of Yoga Australia and involved in the governance of a number of professional and educational Yoga organisations in New Zealand and the Unites States. Bachelor degree and post graduate diplomas in a range of health therapies including Yoga, Chinese Medicine/Herbalism, Acupressure and Shiatsu.

Dr Michael Gleeson

Alexander Technique practitioner and Physiotherapist. Previously Research Manager for WISE project, Pain Management Research Institute, Sydney Medical School – Northern, and coordinated musculoskeletal projects for the Far West Local Health District (NSW). PhD (Public Health) and Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy).

Ms Tess Graham

Physiotherapy and Buteyko Breathing Method practitioner. Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) and Diplomas in Physiotherapy and Buteyko Breathing Method. Invited speaker at medical, dental and health association conferences in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan and France.

Professor Catherine Hill

Clinical rheumatologist and epidemiologist with research expertise in osteoarthritis, randomised clinical trials, vasculitis and population epidemiology. Chief Investigator of the North West Adelaide Health Study and involvement in NHMRC funded projects studying the effects of fish and krill oil supplementation in knee osteoarthritis. She is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee.

Dr Penelope Latey

Pilates practitioner and teacher trainer. Clinical Senior Lecturer and Research Supervisor, Discipline of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney. PhD (Measuring and managing foot muscle weakness) and MSc (Research) in relation to Pilates.

Dr David Levy

Hon. Associate, Centre for Medical Psychology and Evidence-based Decision Making, Faculty of Science, and Research Assistant, Faculty of Nursing, University of Sydney. PhD Faculty of Medicine and Masters Health Science Education, University of Sydney. Professional Homeopath.

Ms Skye Newton

Systematic review and health technology assessment methodologist at Adelaide Health Technology Assessment (AHTA), University of Adelaide. Senior Evidence Officer, National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.

Associate Professor Byeongsang Oh

Integrative medicine consultant at Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) and Mater Hospital.  Senior Principle Research Fellow, Northern Sydney Cancer Centre, RNSH including current research related to Tai Chi and Qigong. Clinical Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School, Sydney University. PhD in Medicine (Integrative medicine). CEO of International Medical Tai Chi and Qigong Association.

Mr John Stubbs

Consumer representation on a range of Commonwealth and state government, medical and research industry committees in relation to health, including clinical trials, medications and homeopathy.

Associate Professor Jon Wardle

Associate Professor of Public Health at the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Health. Head of Regulatory, Policy and Legislative Stream of the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine. Visiting positions at Schools of Medicine, University of Washington and Boston University. Practitioner background in naturopathy and nursing and postgraduate training in public health and law.

Meeting outcomes


Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel secretariat

Contact the secretariat for the Natural Therapies Review Expert Advisory Panel for further information on the review.
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