National Dust Disease Taskforce

The National Dust Disease Taskforce developed a national approach to prevent, identify, control and manage occupational dust diseases in Australia. The taskforce has completed its work and ceased operating.


The National Dust Disease Taskforce developed a national approach to the prevention, early identification, control, and management of occupational dust diseases in Australia. 

The taskforce conducted an independent review of the systems in place to protect Australians who are at risk from occupational dust disease. 

The taskforce delivered its final report to the Australian Government in June 2021, and is no longer in operation.

In April 2022 the Australian, and state and territory governments released the All of governments’ response to the final report of the National Dust Disease Taskforce.

The response provides a strong commitment from all governments to:  

  • reduce incidences of silicosis and other dust diseases among workers

  • increase the quality of life for people affected and their families.

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Professor Paul Kelly  


Tania Rishniw  


Sophie Dwyer 

Deputy Chair 

Clare Amies 

Taskforce member 

Michelle Baxter 

Taskforce member 

Professor Fraser Brims 

Taskforce member 

Dr Graeme Edwards 

Taskforce member 

Dr Ryan Hoy 

Taskforce member 

Professor Christine Jenkins 

Taskforce member 

Dr Richard Slaughter 

Taskforce member 


The taskforce met every 2 months. 


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