Digital Transformation Sector Partners

The Sector Partners group provides advice to the Australian Government on the development and implementation of the aged care reform’s digital transformation agenda.


The role of the Sector Partners group is to:

  • provide advice to the Australian Government on the design and delivery of the digital transformation agenda
  • establish ongoing opportunities for information exchange, co-design workshops, and feedback.

The group was formed following a public invitation at the first Digital Transformation Tech Talk. It includes volunteer representatives from aged care service providers, ICT venders, peak bodies, and more. We meet these representatives regularly to have timely discussions about the changing digital transformation agenda.

The Sector Partners group is not a decision-making body.


Member Name Organisation SP Role
Fay Flevaras Department of Health and Aged Care Host
Janine Bennett Department of Health and Aged Care Co-host
Charles Chang Acredia Care Member
Renae Armstrong Affinity Senior Care Member
Annette Hili Alayacare Member
Magdalena Biadala-Sahingoez AMC Services Member
David McQuillan Anglicare Member
Ellen Nicholson Anglicare Member
Kylie Docking Anglicare Member
Sturat Morse Anglicare Member
Michael Scurrah Aspire4Life Member
David Morrell Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
Gary Campbell Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
John D'Archambaud Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
John Groome Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
Lisa Murphy Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
Patricia Galang Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Government Partner
Julie Reeves Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Member
Paula Gelo Australian Public Affairs Member
Peta Page Australian Red Cross Member
Amanda Hunter Australian Unity Member
Daren Hinchcliffe Autumn Care Member
Joshua Morey Autumncare Member
Jay Hijazi Best Health Solutions Member
Danielle Bancroft Best Practice Member
Raed Alhodali Bestmed Member
Kseniia Bessonova BLESEN Member
Ryan Donohue BLESEN Member
Shannon Day BLESEN Member
Arun Verma Bluecare Member
Hayley Dwyer Bluecare Member
Trudy Oldham Bluecare Member
Kate Russo Bupa Villages and Aged Care Member
Peter Devine Byron Respite Member
Stephen Tracey Care Consultancy Member
Sang Nguyen Care Monitor Member
Lauren Todorovic CarePage Member
Thomas Pike Carers ACT Ltd Member
Kathleen Carlyon Cgov Member
Maryam Moradi Changebility Pty.Ltd. Member
John Perkins Checked in Care Member
Paul Burley Checked in Care Member
Christine Muller Choice Aged Care & subsidiaries Member
Michael Bonner Choice Aged Care & subsidiaries Member
Jane Sheills CIVICA Member
Tony Ta CLOUDE8 Member
Dr. Nicholas O'Donnell Codex Consulting Member
Muheeb Hoque Codex Consulting Member
Yvonne Timson​ Community Vision Member
Joanne Robertson CORE Community Services Member
Dr Annie Banbury Coviu Member
Sean Flynn Creatio Member
Tara Russell Cto Community Trnasport Organisation Member
Meegan Fitzharris CyberCX Member
Alex Lynch DAILYCARE Member
Sean St Quentin DAILYCARE Member
Pauline Soo Datacom Member
Christian Krauter Datanova Member
Phil Chan Deloiite Member
Sonia Eland Deloitte Member
David Nguyen DigitalX Technology Group Member
James Li Easy Care Member
Jeff Gilling Easy Care Member
David Waldie Eevi Member
Jay Singh E-leaf Member
Darren Russ Enrite Solutions Member
Mergen Peries Enrite Solutions Member
Uday Shah Epicor Software (Aust) Pty Ltd Member
Fiona Caldwell Estia Health Member
Glenn Wright Extensia Member
Lisa Thomson Extensia Member
Jenelle Gannon G V Health Member
Teena Shea GoldCare’s Member
Nina Combe Health Metrics Member
Colleen Brooks HealthConsult Pty Ltd Member
Paul Mayne HealthLink Member
Alison Rolfe Hearing Australia Member
Arthur Shih Humanetix Member
Carol Campolonghi Humanetix Member
Dave Willems Ideagen Complispace Member
Vilko Poznovia Indigo Member
Catherine Daley Integrated Living Member
Michael Steine Integrated Living Member
Derani Dissanayake Intelicare Member
Mike Tappenden Intelicare Member
Yvette Buhagiar Interreach Member
Leighton Howard Iqvia Member
Nicole Fishers Kalyra Member
Jason Sidoryn Katalyst Interactive Member
San Nagan Katalyst Interactive Member
Sean McLoughlin Katalyst Interactive Member
Stephen Nelson Katalyst Interactive Member
Merlin Kong Kiah Consulting Member
Rachael Bausor Kingston Council Member
Caroline Lee LeeCare Member
Stephen Malins LeeCare Member
Murray Hall LeeCare Member
Fiona Armstrong Liquid Interactive Member
Leo Yin Liquid Interactive Member
Darryn Marjoram Live Better Member
Sally Haggar Live Better Member
Michael Barlow Stringer Live ip Member
Pieta Manning Mable Member
Rachel Moore Mable Member
Marc Andres Manad Plus Member
Liesa Pugsley McKenzie Aged Care Group Member
Greg Garratt Medi Map Member
Emma Hossack (MSIA) Member
Christelle Ucinek Medi-map Member
Daniel Nixon Miles Morgan Member
Loire Hunter Miles Morgan Member
Loire Miles Miles Morgan Member
James Price Mirus Group Member
Robert Covino Mirus Group Member
Tom Murphy Mirus Group Member
Prof Lahn Straney Monash University Member
Matt Lattin MYP Corporation Pty Ltd Member
Irene Mooney MYVISTA Member
Amber Witherdin Novigi Member
Kathleen Hayes Oracle Member
Kirsty Lineham Oracle Member
Paul Ayers Oracle Member
David Allsopp Pain check Member
James Matthias Pain check Member
Gustavo Sessa Plancare Member
Dr Stephen Weeding Primary Health Networks (PHNs) Member
Elizabeth Butler Primary Health Networks (PHNs) Member
Adam Holcroft QPS BENCHMARKING Member
Imtiaz Bhayat Regis Member
James Miller SA Health Member
Simone Caricasole SA Health Member
Dr Bryan Tan Salesforce Member
Carmela Sergi Member
Brad Mc Cullogh Silver Chain Member
Brendan Roche Silverchain Member
Arif Abdul Mushir Southcare Inc Member
Louise Fry Southcare Inc Member
Kirsten Lewis Southern Cross Care Member
Peter McVey Southern Cross Care Member
Wayne Stoddard Southern Cross Care Member
Dr Maggie Haertsch Talius Group Member
Charlene Barach Tasmanian Department of Health Member
RAEF AKEHURST Tell Touch Member
Kate Hayne Teradata Member
Leon Andrews: Contacted Janine via Linkedin Terem Member
George Margelis The Aged Care Industry IT Council (ACIITC) Member
Brett Berry The Look out way Member
Tate Johnson The Look out way Member
Yan Lau The Look out way Member
Dr Merran Cooper Touchstone Life Care Member
Adele Goh Uniting Care Member
Kylie Winnett Uniting Care Member
Paula Perkins Uniting Care Member
Lilly Sorensen Your Side Member

Terms of reference

Meeting summaries

The Sector Partners group will meet regularly, typically via videoconference. Additional meetings may be held if needed.

Meeting summaries and relevant materials will be made and published below.

Engagement office – Aged care digital transformation

Contact us with questions about our work on digital transformation in the aged care sector, or to request targeted Health presentations at existing industry or government forums.
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