Clinical Implementation Reference Group (CIRG)

The CIRG is an independent group of clinicians who provide advice to the Australian Government on measures being implemented as part of the Prostheses List reforms.


The role of the CIRG is to provide clinical advice on the design and implementation of proposed changes to the Prostheses List as part of the Prostheses List reforms, including providing advice on:

  • the regrouping of the Prostheses List
  • the removal of identified general use items from the Prostheses List (mainly listed in the General Miscellaneous Category) with reference to the revised definition and scope
  • a proposed framework for utilisation reviews
  • key features of a compliance framework
  • essential elements for an evaluation framework, including activities and data analysis.

Terms of reference

For more information refer to the group Terms of reference.


Membership of the CIRG comprises of selected Prostheses List Advisory Committee and Clinical Advisory Group members, clinicians that have previously participated on Medicare Benefits Schedule review panels and/or nominees from the Australian Medication Association and craft groups. Members will not be representing any Associations, Societies or Boards that they are affiliated with.



Doctor Omar Khorshid (Chair)


Prof Terry Campbell (Deputy Chair)


Doctor Anil Asthana


Professor Mark Daniell


Associate Professor Gillian Farrell

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Doctor David Gill


Doctor Michael Johnson


Doctor Peter Lewis


Doctor James Moore

Colorectal Surgery

Professor Abdullah Omari

Vascular Medicine

Associate Professor Julian Rait


Associate Professor Alex Saxby


Doctor Michael Ward


Professor David Watters

General Surgery

Professor David Weinsenfeld

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Associate Professor Glen Young


Doctor Orso Osti

Orthopaedic spinal surgeon


The CIRG will meet monthly via videoconference, with additional meetings taking place if required.  The group is established initially until 30 June 2022.

Outcome notes

Related committees

This Prostheses List Advisory Committee, (PLAC) is a long-standing committee which currently provides recommendations and advice to the Minister for Health and the Department of Health about the listing of products on the Prostheses List and the benefits payable by private health insurers.

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