Advisory Committee for the COVID-19 Response for People with Disability

The Advisory Committee for the COVID-19 Response for People with Disability provides advice to the Chief Medical Officer about the needs of people with disability during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The committee provides expert advice on the health care needs of people with disability, their families and the disability service sector. This includes access to COVID-19 screening, prevention and health care.

This advice helped to develop the Management and Operational Plan for COVID-19 for People with Disability. The committee is overseeing the plan’s implementation.


The committee includes experts from various backgrounds including:

  • people with lived experience
  • disability organisations
  • the disability service sector
  • the research sector
  • the health care sector, including medical practitioners, allied health professionals and nursing
  • Australian Government officials
  • state and territory government officials


  • Allied Health Professions Australia 
  • Australian Association of Developmental Disability Medicine
  • Australian Government Department of Social Services
  • Australian Human Rights Commission
  • Council for Intellectual Disability
  • Department of Developmental Disability Psychiatry, University of New South Wales
  • First Peoples Disability Network
  • Get Skilled Access
  • Inclusion Australia
  • Melbourne Disability Institute, University of Melbourne
  • National Disability Insurance Agency
  • NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
  • Northcott
  • Office for Disability ACT
  • People with Disability Australia
  • people with lived experiences of being a carer
  • Victorian Disability Advisory Council


The committee regularly to discuss COVID-19 issues relevant to people with disability. The committee has also participated in several Roundtable discussions with a broader range of stakeholders across the disability sector.



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The committee reports to the Chief Medical Officer, and regularly informs the:

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Read our coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for people with disability.


Advisory Committee for the COVID-19 Response for People with Disability secretariat

Contact the secretariat if you have any questions about the committee or the plan.
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