Find resources about the One more way you keep them safe campaign.

The Australian Government has launched the ‘One more way you keep them safe’ campaign, encouraging parents and carers to ensure their children’s routine vaccinations are up to date.

Routine childhood vaccinations are free under Australia’s National Immunisation Program to protect children against a range of serious diseases.

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Health professionals on the importance of routine childhood vaccination

When vaccinating your child, you may have questions about the vaccine being given. You can speak to your GP, practice nurse or immunisation provider about anything related to childhood vaccination.

Health professionals on the safety of routine childhood vaccination

We asked a paediatrician, an immunisation nurse practitioner and an immunisation nurse about different aspects of childhood immunisation. When making a decision about vaccinating your child, it’s always good idea to talk to medical professionals first.

Health worker Florianna talks about why children need to be immunised

Health worker Florianna Bero from Thursday Island in Queensland talks about why parents should get their kids immunised.
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