We use research to make sure you receive the best possible treatment and care in health and aged care and that our ideas are sound. Find out about the research we fund and which of our portfolio agencies are involved.

Why we use research

Research, evaluation, innovation and the use of data help our health and aged care system to meet current and future health challenges. They help us develop the best possible policies, initiatives and programs.

Research is a critical part of how we develop policy for health, aged care and sport. It helps us to better understand:

  • the problems and issues we are trying to address
  • the people affected by the problem or issue
  • how to refine the policy so that it will have the most benefit.

We also use research to help us monitor and evaluate our initiatives and programs. It gives us information about whether these activities are doing what they should, how they could be improved, or if we should stop them.

Our investment in medical research helps us meet the health needs of Australians by developing new treatments and cures, using the latest technologies.

What research we fund and use

We fund and use research such as:

  • trends and risk factors of different diseases
  • how different treatments affect patient outcomes
  • new technologies
  • health care costs
  • the health status of different groups of people.

How we carry out research

Our research is funded, coordinated and delivered by different areas of the department and our portfolio agencies, including the:

We also undertake research with other government departments, individuals and professional and academic organisations.

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