Awareness and education

We make sure all Australians have the information and advice they need to make good health and ageing choices. Find out how we keep you informed and the range of health topics we cover.

Keeping you informed

An important part of our work is to make sure you have the best available information and advice about health and aged care in Australia.

We want to:

  • give you the facts about how to stay healthy and prevent illness
  • help you to understand any conditions or diseases you may have
  • provide a list of contacts to help you find available and relevant services in health, aged care and sport
  • keep you up to date on issues related to health, aged care and sport
  • update you on the initiatives and programs that we are running to improve health, aged care and sport outcomes.

For health professionals and health and aged care service providers, we also aim to:

  • connect you with other stakeholders in the health and aged care system
  • help you understand and meet your rights and obligations
  • support you with information, education and training.

How we share information

We share information in different ways so you can choose what works best for you, including through:

  • this website (read the latest updates in news and events)
  • print and online education materials (many are available in our resources section)
  • our social media channels
  • the people who deliver services to you such as nurses, GPs and other health workers, and people working in aged care
  • public health and education campaigns on television, radio, print media and digital media.

Topics we cover

We aim to raise awareness of important health, ageing and aged care issues and topics such as:

  • mental health
  • exercise and healthy eating
  • taking part in sport
  • chronic disease prevention and management
  • travel health
  • emergency management including disease outbreaks
  • immunisation
  • cancer screening programs
  • how to stop smoking.

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