Pharmacy care

Pharmacy care is more than medicines. Find out what pharmacies provide and how to find their services.

About pharmacy care

In Australia, pharmacies must be owned by a registered pharmacist. You can check this on the Pharmacy Board of Australia website.

Learn more about registration requirements for pharmacists on the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) website.

What pharmacies provide

Pharmacies are a place to buy medication – but they offer a lot more. Pharmacists are medicines experts who can also provide services to help manage your medicines.

Medicines and medical items

You can get prescription and non-prescription medicines at a pharmacy as well as other medical items.

Learn about what medicines you can access at a pharmacy.

Learn about the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) and medicines subsidised by the Australian Government.

Medication reviews

Pharmacists can carry out a Home Medicines Review. This involves a review of your medicines in your home. The aim is to help you better understand and manage your medicines and minimise harm.

Another service pharmacists provide is a Residential Medication Management Review. It’s available if you live in a residential-care facility funded by the Australian Government and involves a review of your medicines. The purpose is to identify, resolve and prevent health problems that could be caused by medicines.


Vaccinations for some diseases, including COVID and influenza (the flu), are available at pharmacies. The Pharmacy Guild of Australia provides information about pharmacies offering vaccinations in your area.

Healthcare and wellness advice

Pharmacists can provide advice on treating common health conditions. They can also check your blood pressure or help you to quit smoking.

Healthdirect has more information about getting the most out of your pharmacist.

Finding pharmacy services

Not every pharmacy offers every type of service. To find pharmacy services, see the healthdirect service finder.

Community pharmacy programs are currently administered under and supported by the Eighth Community Pharmacy Agreement.

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