Marketing infant formula in Australia

The 'Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers (MAIF) Agreement' is a voluntary and self-regulated code. It is for manufacturers and importers of infant formula in Australia. The agreement aims to encourage breastfeeding as a first option.

About the agreement

The MAIF Agreement outlines obligations for companies making and selling infant formula to ensure:  

  • the proper use of formula
  • parents make informed decisions. 

Including providing clear information about the:  

  • benefits and superiority of breastfeeding  
  • risks of switching to formula 
  • health risks of the incorrect use of infant formula.  

Participating companies must not: 

  • advertise or promote infant formula 
  • imply that formula is better than breastfeeding 
  • advertise formula to parents through the healthcare system 
  • hand out free formula to parents 
  • give financial incentives to sales staff or health workers for selling or promoting formula. 

The agreement is Australia’s response to the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes.  

Aim of the agreement

The MAIF Agreement aims to: 

  • ensure safe and adequate nutrition for babies 
  • encourage breastfeeding as the first option for babies 
  • protect parents from advertising that could affect their judgement 
  • ensure the proper use of breast milk substitutes.  

Review of the MAIF agreement

The Department of Health and Aged Care has engaged Allen + Clarke Consulting to do an independent review of the MAIF Agreement before the next re-authorisation. 

The terms of reference outline the purpose, scope and process for the review.

Public consultation to inform the review occurred in 2023. The final report and consultation report is now available for viewing.

Visit the Department’s Consultation Hub to view the survey responses to the MAIF Agreement Review public consultation process


Participating companies

The companies that have signed the agreement are: 

  • Abbott Australasia Pty Ltd 
  • Aspen Pharmacare Pty Ltd 
  • Australian Dairy Nutritionals Limited
  • Australian Dairy Park Pty Ltd 
  • Bellamy’s Organic 
  • H & H Group 
  • The Infant Food Co. Pty Limited 
  • The LittleOak Company 
  • Max Biocare 
  • Nature One Dairy Pty Ltd 
  • Nestlé Australia Ltd 
  • Nuchev Limited 
  • Nutricia Australia Pty Ltd 
  • Sanulac Nutritionals Australia Pty Ltd 
  • Spring Sheep Milk Co. 
  • Sprout Organic 
  • The a2 Milk Company Ltd.

MAIF Complaints Committee

If you believe a participating company has breached the agreement, you can lodge a complaint with the MAIF Complaints Committee using the complaint form. The committee assesses each complaint on a case-by-case basis and determines potential breaches of the agreement.   

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