How to get involved with health technology assessments

We invite the public to get involved in health technology assessment (HTA) processes. We welcome input from patients, carers, members of the public, health professionals or members of a consumer interest group.

Public involvement in HTA processes

There are several reasons why you may want to get involved:

  • As a patient, you may want to share your experiences about current treatments or new technologies you have used or heard about.
  • As a carer, you want health technologies that can improve your loved one’s ability to participate in family and community life.
  • As a taxpayer, you want to be confident that government funds are spent appropriately on safe and effective technologies.
  • As a health professional, you want to make sure we understand the benefits and challenges of current and new treatments.
  • As a member of a consumer interest group, you want us to consider your group’s needs and experiences.

You can get involved in several ways.

Give input on applications

You can comment on applications for public subsidy of new health technologies via the Office of Health Technology Assessment (OHTA) consultation hub.

Medicines and vaccines

You can provide comments on applications for new medicines or vaccines. We provide all comments to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) when they consider an application.

PBAC publishes its main meeting agenda 14 weeks before each meeting, which includes the list of applications it will consider. Consultation is open for 8 weeks.

Check our OHTA consultation hub for open consultations.

Medical services, health technologies, blood products or screening programs

You can provide comments on applications to the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC). We provide all comments to MSAC when they consider an application.

For most applications to MSAC there are 2 consultation periods where input may be requested.

MSAC and its subcommittees publish their meeting agendas at least 11 weeks before a meeting. Agendas include the list of applications scheduled to be considered.

Check the MSAC website for meeting agendas, and our OHTA consultation hub for open consultations.

Report adverse events you experience

If you experience an adverse event from a medicine, vaccine, or medical device, you can report it. This contributes to what we know about the safety of health technologies.

See the Therapeutic Goods Administration for more about reporting adverse events.

Share your ideas with us

If you have ideas about how we can engage with the public about HTAs, please contact our HTA Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit.

We set this unit up in 2019 to develop structured engagement projects with consumer and patient groups. The unit creates opportunities for consumers and patients to contribute to HTA decision making processes. This supports better transparency.  

You may also be interested in the work of our HTA Consumer Consultative Committee.

Stay informed

To keep up to date, you can:

Find out more about HTA processes

For more about what HTAs involve, see health technology assessments.


HTA Consumer Evidence and Engagement Unit

This unit helps consumers and patients to be part of health technology assessment (HTA) processes. It also supports the Health Technology Assessment Consumer Consultative Committee.
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