Our data strategy

We want to make sure medical researchers can get health data without compromising patient privacy. Find out more about our data strategy.

Why we have a data strategy

We want to help researchers access data for research that delivers better health, aged care and wellbeing for all Australians. The Department of Health and Aged Care Data Strategy 2022–25 is all about harnessing the power of data for this purpose.  

Releasing data but protecting privacy

Sharing and releasing data helps us all get better value out of data. We make data available safely and ethically. Our aim is to: 

  • improve public benefit from increased data use 
  • release information in a timely manner 
  • release relevant information  
  • protect individual privacy 
  • approve, extract and release data in an efficient manner. 

Some health data is provided by people who make claims to the Australian Government for payment of health services. The Australian Government has a legal responsibility to keep their personal information secure and private. 

Learn more about health and medical research and privacy on the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website. 

When ethical approval is needed

Researchers require ethics review from their institution for any research involving humans or access to personal information. Learn more from the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research

Privacy policies

We have a website privacy policy. It explains how we: 

  • handle your personal information (including your email address) 
  • use cookies 
  • record website visits 
  • link to other websites. 

We also have a privacy policy that covers how our department complies with the national Privacy Act 1988

If we collect information that might be sensitive or personally identifiable, we have to provide a collection notice or privacy notice. Learn more via our website privacy policy

If you are researching a personal health condition, visit our health topics or the healthdirect website. You can also manage your health care information online on the Services Australia website. 

If you want information about clinical trials that are underway, see the Australian Clinical Trials website

Legislation governs our data strategy

National legislation governs our data policy to ensure confidentiality and privacy of information. These are: 

Data access and release contact

Researchers who want access to health program and performance data can contact us about this.
Data access and release contact
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