Dementia resources

A list of resources – including apps, audio and video resources and other publications – about dementia.


Focus on Dementia May 2024 – booklet

This booklet provides an overview of the Department of Health and Aged Care’s initiatives and programs to support people living with dementia, their carers and families.

Dementia Discovery

Free short introductory modules about dementia and communication strategies in care settings. Includes online micro-courses of only 15 minutes.

Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) – Information Booklet

The Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) Information Booklet provides information for families and carers looking for specialised dementia care support services. The booklet includes an overview of program eligibility and referral requirements and where to go to for further dementia support.

MRFF snapshot – Dementia, Ageing and Aged Care Mission

This snapshot shows this Mission at a glance. It includes budget, early funding priorities and grant timelines, as at November 2019. Researchers and other stakeholders can use it to plan for upcoming opportunities and see how the Mission will be established, expanded and embedded over time.

Specialist Dementia Care Program Framework

This framework provides an overview of the Specialist Dementia Care Program’s model of care, service delivery principles, administration, roles and responsibilities. This framework may change as the program progresses.

Care and Management of Australians Living with Dementia

Australian Government response to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee report: Care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD)

Webinar for residential aged care providers – Specialist Dementia Care Program grant opportunity

The webinar provides information on the grant for residential aged care providers to apply for the Specialist Dementia Care Program. The session will include updates from the Department of Health, Dementia Australia, Dementia Enabling Environments and Deloitte Access Economics.

A focus on dementia

This webinar will outline how the aged care reforms will improve quality of life and care for people living with dementia.
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