Date published: 
28 September 2018
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The strong leadership of female health and medical researchers and advocates has been recognised in the make up of the new Council of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

The advisory body supports the NHMRC’s critical national role in shaping and supporting research to address the current and future health issues in Australia.

Two thirds of appointees are female, making the committee’s overall balance predominantly female.

The diverse membership has an impressive range of expertise and experience to call on to provide the best possible advice to CEO, Professor Anne Kelso AO.

I welcome the new committee members for the three-year term, and thank previous members for their contributions to improving the lives of all Australians.

To ensure continuity of corporate knowledge and experience some members have been reappointed, including Professor Bruce Robinson AM who will continue as Council Chair.

In addition to Chief Health and Medical Officers of each State and Territory, the new Council is:

  • Professor Bruce Robinson AM, Council Chair
  • Professor Ingrid Winship, Chair, Australian Health Ethics Committee
  • Professor Steve Wesselingh, Chair, Research Committee
  • Professor Sharon Lewin, Chair, Health Translation Advisory Committee
  • Dr Katherine Woodthorpe AO, Chair, Health Innovation Advisory Committee
  • Professor Sandra Eades
  • The Hon Judi Moylan AO
  • Professor Brendan Crabb AC
  • Professor Ian Frazer AC
  • Professor Ingrid Scheffer AO
  • Dr Michael Gannon
  • Professor Caroline Homer AO
  • Professor Maree Teesson AC
  • Professor Carol Pollock
  • Professor Alison Venn