Media event date: 
26 November 2019
Date published: 
27 November 2019
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Media release
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More than one year on from the first ever National Action Plan for Endometriosis, the Morrison Government is continuing to support women and girls with endometriosis.

Endometriosis affects at least one in ten girls and women, leading to severe chronic pain and, in some cases, infertility.

Since the release of the Action Plan in July 2018, the Government has committed $13.7 million to support its early implementation.

A key part of this is the $9 million targeted call for endometriosis research focused on prevention and ultimately finding a cure.

This research will also increase our understanding of:

  • The true burden that endometriosis places on the community.
  • What causes the condition.
  • The differing ways in which the condition can present in affected persons.

Applications for the targeted research call are now open.

Government funding for implementation of the Action Plan includes $500,000 to support activities to raise awareness of the condition among affected women and the broader community.

Additionally, $600,000 is being provided to support work to train and educate medical professionals so that they are better able to diagnose endometriosis and treat and manage the condition.

The Morrison Government will continue to partner with the endometriosis sector to progress the Action Plan and seek improved health outcomes for Australian women affected by endometriosis.

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