Media event date: 
2 December 2020
Date published: 
3 December 2020
Media type: 
General public

We welcome the emergency approval given to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. This is particularly so given the over 1.6 million cases and tragic loss of over 59,000 lives in the UK.

I have again spoken to the Australian CEO of Pfizer, they remain on track for vaccine delivery once it is approved for use in Australia by the independent regulator.

Pfizer continues to work with the Therapeutic Goods Administration, providing data for safety and efficacy as part of the approval process.

Our advice remains that the timeline for a decision on approval is expected by the end of January 2021, and our planning is for first vaccine delivery in March 2021.

Pfizer is one of four vaccines the Australian Government has purchased for a total projected supply of 134.8 million units.

In addition we will have access to up to 25.5 million units under the international COVAX facility.

Safety is our number priority and Australia is well placed both for a thorough, but rapid safety assessment and early rollout of a free, voluntary but entirely universally available COVID-19 vaccine program.

Today is an important step for the world.

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