Date published: 
23 April 2018
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The Turnbull Government welcomes the decision by the Northern Territory and Tasmanian governments to sign onto our new hospital agreement.

The National Health Agreement from 2020-21 to 2024-25, will deliver record hospital funding in each and every year, providing millions of additional hospital services for patients.

Under the agreement, Northern Territory public hospitals will receive over $1.9 billion over the five years to 2024-25, delivering an additional $685 million in funding.

Tasmanian public hospitals will receive over $2.3 billion under the new agreement, representing a five year increase of over $403 million.

Today’s announcement follows decisions made by South Australian and Australian Capital Territory governments a fortnight ago when they agreed to sign onto the new hospital agreement.

South Australian public hospitals will now receive over $8.0 billion, with an increase of more than $1.5 billion in additional funding.

And ACT public hospitals will now receive over $2.5 billion, boosting funding by more than $721 million.

The New South Wales and Western Australian governments signed onto this agreement in February 2018.

Six of Australia’s eight states and territories are now covered by the record funding agreement, including three Labor governments and three Liberal governments.

We stand ready to deliver record funding for Victorian and Queensland hospitals, providing more doctors, nurses and services.

As part of a new long-term agreement, the Turnbull Government will provide an additional $30 billion for Australian hospitals, totalling almost $128 billion over the next five year hospital agreement.

The Agreement also establishes a comprehensive reform process to improve Australians’ health outcomes and decrease avoidable demand for public hospital services through long-term system wide reforms.

It also includes a $100 million investment in health innovation, which is focused on improving our hospitals and achieving better outcomes for patients.

The funding formula is based on hospital activity and takes population growth into consideration.

Every year would be a record funding amount, in each and every state and territory.