Date published: 
11 December 2017
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The Federal Coalition Government has guaranteed the provision of a safe, secure and affordable supply of plasma products and services with the signing of an important new agreement.

The National Blood Authority has executed a new national contract with CSL Behring Australia for the manufacture and supply of fractionated blood plasma products.

Plasma products are often life-saving and play a vital role in helping people fight infections, recover from serious injury and maintain quality of life.

They are essential to help people who have serious medical conditions such as haemophilia and other blood-clotting disorders, primary diseases of the immune system, immunodeficiencies as a result of underlying illnesses or chemotherapy, or for people who have suffered severe blood loss.

CSL Behring has had a long standing key role as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of many plasma derived products.

Australia’s blood and plasma transfusion services and products are second to none.

CSL Behring will manufacture the comprehensive range of blood products from Australian plasma provided by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service from voluntary blood donations.

The products are manufactured at CSL’s new world-class facility at Broadmeadows which employs more than 1000 staff in biotechnology, manufacturing, engineering, medical science, research and development and other roles.

The signing of this new agreement with CSL Behring signifies our commitment to ensuring the safe and secure supply of life-saving and life-improving blood products for people who need these plasma-derived therapies, delivered through local manufacturing and local innovation.

The new contract will also deliver savings to governments of more than $200 million as a result of improved manufacturing processes and efficiencies.

The National Fractionation Agreement for Australia replaces the existing Agreement with CSL Behring which expires on 31 December 2017.

The new agreement will commence on 1 January 2018 and is due to continue until 31 December 2026, subject to rigorous performance standards.