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Interview on Weekend Sunrise with Angela Cox

Transcript of Minister for Health, Greg Hunt's interview on Weekend Sunrise with Angela Cox regarding new vaccines and medicines available from 1 July.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Former Minister for Health and Aged Care

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July 1st marks the start of a number of important health initiatives benefiting thousands of Australians. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is in Melbourne to tell us more. Good morning to you Minister, thanks for joining us.


Good morning, Ange.


A life-changing breast cancer medication is now available for as little as $6.


That’s right. Previously Kisqali cost $70,000 a year, which meant that it was beyond the reach of virtually every woman.

This is about life-changing, life-extending medicine for breast cancer sufferers. It will help over 3,000 women a year and it will make just a massive difference to their treatment and to their access to this medicine.

And I’ve met with some women who’ve already been on what are called clinical trials or tests and they’ve said for them it’s profoundly important.


A very important initiative. There’s also a number of free vaccines available to mums and infants.


That’s right. So, two new vaccinations, for whooping cough.

Every pregnant mum in Australia will have access to the free vaccine through their GP.

What it does is it protects the newborn baby from whooping cough before they’re old enough to get a vaccination in their own right.

And then also for meningococcal a new vaccine for 12-month-old toddlers.

And for them, when you look at the whooping cough and the meningococcal vaccination it’s just about protecting these beautiful newborns and toddlers, both on the national vaccination program and available to every mum and every 12-month-old for free.

So it’s a really important thing that we’re able to do to support health in the population.


Sure is, good stuff. Thanks so much for your time, Minister, this morning.


Thanks very much.

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