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Improving the lives of Australians through health and medical research

The Morrison Government is investing $9.2 million in 12 new health and medical research projects, transforming their ideas into innovative, life-saving medicines, devices and treatments for the patients of the future.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Former Minister for Health and Aged Care

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The Morrison Government is investing $9.2 million in 12 new health and medical research projects, transforming their ideas into innovative, life-saving medicines, devices and treatments for the patients of the future.

Through our landmark Medical Research Future Fund, the Government is providing $9.2 million across two programs – $5.2 million to develop new approaches that tackle diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and $4 million to develop new medical technologies to treat a range of conditions.

The funding is provided through two programs – the Targeted Translation Research Accelerator (TTRA) and BioMedTech Horizons (BMTH) – which aim to support the development of novel preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches and products for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and translation and commercialisation of world-leading health and medical research projects.

The $47 million TTRA was set up to improve the lives of patients with chronic conditions. It will support seven diabetes and cardiovascular disease research projects to develop improved mental health support via telehealth, a new therapeutic for treatment of diabetes-induced kidney disease, and a new injectable therapy to treat Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Other projects include the development of a new antithrombotic therapy to treat clots and reduce stroke, a new medical device to detect unstable plaques to prevent heart attacks, a diagnostic software tool to assess plaque vulnerability, and a software program to improve management of chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease in general practice.

The $45 million BioMedTech Horizons has funded 41 innovative and collaborative health technologies to date. The BMTH will support five projects to develop new technologies for blindness and vision impairment, improved neonatal resuscitation, precision monitoring of fetal complications during birth, real-time atrial fibrillation/cardiac monitoring for patients at home, and patient matched spinal fusion implants.

Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, said the Government was providing unprecedented support for health and medical research in this country.

“We are backing our best and brightest researchers to transform today’s ideas into breakthrough treatments for the patients of tomorrow,” Minister Hunt said.

“We recognise that research is the single best way to advance health and medical care and previous funding rounds have focused on precision diagnostics, 3-D printed medical devices, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, emergency medicine and digitally-enabled medical devices.

“I am pleased to announce this funding for the 12 recipients under these two exciting programs.”

The programs are being delivered by MTPConnect, who will work in partnership with researchers to improve knowledge and its translation into practice. This funding has attracted an additional $14.2 million in industry contributions.

MTPConnect will shortly open their next funding round – with up to $6 million available through Round 2 – for TTRA research projects. Details can be found on the MTPConnect website at

The Morrison Government’s $20 billion MRFF, is a long-term, sustainable investment in Australian health and medical research, helping to improve lives, build the economy and contribute to the sustainability of the health system.

Funding recipients:

Targeted Translation Research Accelerator ($5.2 million to seven projects)




Low Intensity Mental Health Support via a Telehealth Enabled Network (LISTEN) for adults with diabetes and CVD: Effectiveness and scalability

Deakin University


Development of novel safe adjunctive antithrombotic therapies for the improved treatment of acute ischaemic stroke

Heart Research Institute and University of Sydney


Lead optimisation of novel inhibitors of IRAP for the treatment of fibrosis in diabetes-induced renal and cardiovascular disease

Inosi Therapeutics Pty Ltd


NIRAF Guidewire for Detection of Unstable Coronary Plaques to Prevent Heart Attack and Death

Nirtek Pty Ltd


Towards a diagnostic tool for atheroma assessment to better manage vulnerable patients

Queensland University of Technology


Future Health Today and TorchRecruit: Changing the course of chronic disease

University of Melbourne


Local Regulation of Inflammation for the Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease therapy

University of Sydney




BioMedTech Horizons (total funding of $4 million to five projects)




Developing a non-invasive bionic vision wearable development prototype for blind and vision impaired

Aria Research Pty Ltd


Development of the “Juno”, a novel ventilation monitoring system for neonatal resuscitation

ResusRight Pty Ltd


Developing ‘Sense Cardiac’, a cloud enabled wearable cardiac monitor for at-home use

Seer Medical


Development of a precision real-time fetal biosensor for the prevention of stillbirth and fetal complications during childbirth

VitalTrace Pty Ltd


Personalised spinal surgery for Australians; a clinical trial of 3DMorphic’s advanced manufactured patient-specific spinal fusion devices

3DMorphic Pty Ltd




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