Media event date: 
7 July 2019
Date published: 
8 July 2019
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The number of Australian children who are fully immunised continues to increase to record levels with new data showing more parents are getting the message to protect their children with life-saving vaccines.

New data for the March 2019 quarter reveals immunisation rates for all five year olds is 94.78 per cent which is our highest recorded figure. It is up from 94.67 per cent in the December 2018 quarter.

Australia now also has world leading vaccination rates for children which are well above the global vaccination coverage of 85 per cent.

The latest figures show that the vast majority of parents are hearing the message about the benefits of vaccinations and I am delighted that our public health campaigns and our immunisation programs are protecting all Australians.

Overall, immunisation coverage rates continue to increase for the three age groups—one, two and five year olds with Victoria and Tasmania both performing above the national rate.

Immunisation saves lives and protects lives, and it is important that we keep the public informed about its benefits.

Coverage rates for five year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is at an impressive 96.66 per cent and well above the national rate.

The low incidence of vaccine preventable disease in Australia confirms the effectiveness of our immunisation services, programs and policies.

The Morrison Government has invested $20 million over six years to 2021–2022 to ensure parents and carers get the facts about immunisation.

Each year, our Government invests over $400 million in the National Immunisation Program.

March 2019 childhood immunisation rates are available on the Department of Health website.