Date published: 
2 May 2021
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Media release
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Australian parents continue to show their confidence in vaccinations, with record rates of childhood immunisations in the first quarter of 2021. 

For the fourth consecutive quarter, the coverage rate for five year olds has increased to a historic 95.22 per cent.

This surpasses our national aspiration of 95 per cent, and gives Australia the herd immunity needed to stop the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases.

It is also well above the estimated World Health Organization international average immunisation coverage rate of 86 per cent for five year olds, making Australia a world leading vaccination nation.

Each year, the Australian Government invests more than $400 million in the National Immunisation Program.

The Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign contributed to the growth in immunisation rates across the country, including in areas where there has been some vaccination hesitancy.

Across Australia, the coverage rate for one year olds has increased to 94.91 per cent for the 12 months to March 2021. Two year old children have a coverage rate of 92.53 per cent.

The highest coverage rate continues to be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children at five years of age – an impressive 97.26 per cent.

The vaccination rate for two year old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children increased to 91.73 per cent, while for one year olds it was 93.70 per cent.

These high childhood coverage rates also reflect the trend of the 2020 influenza season, where more than 17.6 million flu vaccines were made available on the Australian market, including through the National Immunisation Program.

It’s particularly pleasing to see immunisation rates climbing as Australia and the world continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parents continue to show their confidence in the expert medical advice and in Australia’s independent medical regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, to protect their children.

Australian childhood immunisation rates for 5 year olds – March 2021

State Percentage

New South Wales






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