Date published: 
20 May 2021
Media type: 
Media release
General public

The Australian Government is continuing to support the health of men and boys by providing half a million dollars in the latest round of grant funding to 180 Men’s Sheds around Australia.

Many of the grants, of up to $10,000, will be used to buy IT equipment and provide training to Men’s Shed members.

The COVID-19 pandemic and social restrictions reminded us all how important it is to be connected to colleagues, families, and communities. Australians turned to IT to enable them to stay in touch, through written media or audio and video connections.

Men’s Shed members were no different. While the sheds were forced to close their doors during lockdowns, shed members made great efforts to stay in touch with each other by telephone and social media.

These contacts ensured that the men felt valued and part of a strong, positive community during a period that was difficult for many individuals, families and businesses.

As older men in particular are not familiar with modern IT, many sheds have requested funding for better equipment and training for their members to help them stay more connected in the future. This is reflected in the current grants, providing funding of up to $10,000, with priority given to sheds in disadvantaged areas.

There are more than 1,000 Men’s Sheds across the nation, and they play a vital role in preventing social isolation and mental ill health. They offer thousands of men of all ages a safe and friendly environment where they can work on meaningful projects and build social connections

Including today’s announcement, the Government has provided $6.4 million in grant funding to support Men’s Sheds since 2013.

Men’s Sheds are an integral part of their local communities. This Government will continue to support Men’s Sheds as part of our comprehensive approach to improving the health of Australian men and boys.