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$4.9 million for collaborative health and medical research for all Australians

The Australian Government is providing more than $4.8 million for research initiatives that will lead to improved health outcomes and preventative measures for conditions such as suicide prevention, gestational weight gain and low back pain.

The Hon Greg Hunt MP
Former Minister for Health and Aged Care

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The Morrison Government is providing more than $4.8 million for research initiatives that will lead to improved health outcomes and preventative measures for conditions such as suicide prevention, gestational weight gain and low back pain.

The latest round of funding through the Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) Partnership Projects scheme will fund six projects.

The Government’s investment is matched by Partner Organisations, demonstrating a joint commitment to bringing the best and most up-to-date research discoveries to the Australian community.

The University of Melbourne will receive over $415,920 to assess suicides in public places that have become known as ‘suicide hotspots’. The research will provide practical guidance on how best to prevent suicides and save lives at these sites.

Suicides are traumatic for those who live or work at these sites, and can create a devastating ripple effect that flows through families, friendship groups, schools, workplaces and communities. Almost a third of all suicides occur in locations that are or may become hotspots, and there may be as many as 120 hotspots in Australia.

The research team will collaborate with five Partner Organisations that fund, deliver, advise on and advocate for interventions to prevent suicides in public places.

The University of Newcastle will receive $734,163 to improve antenatal care to prevent excess weight gain.

Weight gain outside recommended levels during pregnancy contributes to a range of adverse outcomes for the mother and child, including gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, preterm birth and obesity.

Despite guidelines recommending routine weighing and weight gain care being provided by antenatal services, 50-70% of women gain weight outside recommended levels during pregnancy.

The University of Sydney will receive $1,108,389 to develop the Get Health Coaching Service to reduce the burden of low back pain.

Australia spends $9 billion annually on low back pain management. The proposed approach aims to improve health services and processes in low back pain management, at low cost, and be readily implementable across Local Health Districts in NSW.

These grants will support our health and medical research workforce, providing opportunities for more health advances and for direct impact on Australians’ quality of life.

A list of recipients can be found on NHMRC’s Partnership Projects web page and in the table below.

App ID Chief Investigator Name Application Title Administering Institution Budget $

CIA - Associate Professor Paulo Ferreira

CIB - Associate Professor Manuela Ferreira

CIC - Professor Adrian Bauman

CID - Professor Paul Hodges

CIE - Professor Chris Maher

CIF - Doctor Milena Simic

CIG - Associate Professor Rachael Morton

CIH - Professor Chris Lonsdale

CII -  Mr Qiang Li

CIJ - Associate Professor Melissa Baysari

The Get Healthy Coaching Service to reduce the burden of low back pain: effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and scalability. University of Sydney 1,108,389.00

CIA - Professor John Wiggers

CIB - Doctor Melanie Kingsland

CIC - Professor Karen Campbell

CID - Professor Craig Pennell

CIE - Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden

CIF - Professor Chris Rissel

CIG - Professor John Attia

CIH - Professor Maralyn Foureur

CII - Professor Francesco Paolucci

CIJ - Doctor Jenna Hollis

A practice change intervention to increase the routine provision of care addressing gestational weight gain: a stepped-wedge trial. University of Newcastle 734,163.00

CIA - Doctor Nicole Nathan

CIB - Associate Professor Luke Wolfenden

CIC - Professor John Wiggers

CID - Professor Adrian Bauman

CIE - Professor Chris Rissel

CIF - Professor Patti-Jean (PJ) Naylor

CIG - Doctor Rachel Sutherland
A randomised trial of an intervention to sustain schools’ implementation of a state-wide physical activity policy. University of Newcastle 1,054,151.00

CIA - Professor Danielle Mazza

CIB - Doctor Wendy Norman

CIC - Associate Professor Kirsten Black

CID - Professor Angela Taft

CIE - Professor Deborah Bateson

CIF - Associate Professor Kevin McGeechan

The AusCAPPS Network: A community of practice to support the provision of long acting reversible contraception and medical termination of pregnancy in primary care.

Monash University 1,207,160.00

CIA - Professor Jane Pirkis

CIB - Associate Professor Jo Robinson

CIC - Associate Professor Matthew Spittal

CID - Doctor Lay San Too

CIE - Doctor Dianne Currier

CIF - Professor Byron Keating

CIG - Doctor Mark Larsen
Preventing suicide in public places. University of Melbourne 415,920.00

CIA - Associate Professor Gary Sacks

CIB - Associate Professor Adrian Cameron

CIC - Professor Cliona Ni Mhurchu

CID - Professor Bruce Neal

CIE - Doctor Kathryn Backholer

CIF - Professor Anna Peeters

CIG - Mrs Jaithri Ananthapavan

Supporting food companies to implement policies for improving population nutrition. Deakin University 309,498.00
      Total $4,829,281.00

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