Influenza vaccination in pregnancy

Influenza is a serious disease for pregnant women and their babies. The best way to protect your newborn baby against influenza is to get vaccinated during pregnancy.

Influenza is a serious disease for pregnant women and their babies

Influenza is not just a cold. It is a serious disease for pregnant women and the developing and newborn baby.

Getting vaccinated during pregnancy is the best way to protect yourself and your newborn baby.

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Why you should vaccinate against influenza in pregnancy

Influenza vaccination is safe, free and recommended for pregnant women in each pregnancy.

Receiving the influenza vaccine when pregnant is the best way to protect newborn babies against influenza and other complications that can harm developing babies.

Influenza vaccination when pregnant protects your baby

By getting vaccinated, you pass on protective antibodies to your baby through the placenta which protects them in their first few months of life, when they are most vulnerable and too young to have the influenza vaccine themselves.

Our brochure, Protecting your baby against influenza starts when you’re pregnant, has more information on flu and vaccination in pregnancy.

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Influenza vaccination is safe at any stage of pregnancy

Vaccination during pregnancy is a safe and effective way to protect pregnant women and their babies against flu.

Studies of women vaccinated in pregnancy have found no evidence that the flu vaccine harms their developing babies.

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