Parents speak about routine childhood vaccination

Parents share information about routine childhood immunisations. Vaccines are a safe, simple and effective way to protect babies and children against vaccine-preventable diseases.


vaccines are important for babies and

children because they're a safe simple

and effective way to protect the baby

and child against vaccine preventable

diseases for example common childhood

ones like chickenpox measles months

rubella and whooping cough we decided to

get our children vaccinated just because

it's the simplest and safest way to

protect them from diseases I decided to

get my child vaccinated today because

it's a very important making sure our

little vulnerable children are safe

against disease the national

immunization program it does have key

dates and they are really important to

have the immunization on time we know

that there's a schedule with key dates

for vaccinations and we wanted to make

sure that we keep our children up to

date so we follow the schedule and make

sure that both of our kids are up to

date with their immunizations this is my

second baby and I just forgot actually

to do it at six months and now she's

nine months old but just remember that I

was meant to get one the material Health

Center nurse checked in I didn't realize

I hadn't done it if a parent or Cara

means is their immunization appointment

it's not too late to ever get a baby or

child up to date with the vaccines just

speak with your GP Maternal Child health

nurse or immunization nurse to get them

back on track if any parents have any

questions about vaccinations and we've

done this before we talked to your gpe

and make sure that you're getting the

answers from a professional and expert

these vaccinations have been going on

for a really long time so there's good

reason for that it's very safe and

effective we have had no trouble with

either of our children getting

vaccinated before I think it's always

better to to do a quick vaccination than

to have them be sick with something more

serious there's no need to be unsure

it's a safe thing it needs to be done to

keep your child safe it helps the

community not only for our children but

also it helps not spread anything else

to other kids as well if you were unsure

about getting your child immunized I

would recommend that you speak to your

local GP Maternal Child health nurse

immunization nurse or other health care

provider to discuss your concerns


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