One more way you keep them safe

This animation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families explains all you need to know about childhood vaccinations.


We all want our bubbas and littlies to be healthy.

As mums and dads, aunties and uncles, and nans and pops, you want your little ones to be alright and not get sick.

One way to help our kids stay healthy is with free childhood immunisations.

Carefully tested vaccines have meant that over generations, serious diseases like polio and diphtheria have almost completely disappeared in Australia thanks to lots of us getting vaccinated. That’s why routine childhood immunisation is important. It’s like a strong shield that helps protect our kids from diseases that can be dangerous, like measles and whooping cough.

These diseases can make little ones very sick and can cause long-term problems, or even death. But when a child gets immunised they get protected.

There’s less chance of them getting sick and spreading the disease to others. When many people get vaccinated, it helps protect the whole community, including bubbas who are too young, and people who are too sick to be vaccinated.

It’s like everyone holding hands to make sure nobody gets sick. It’s natural to worry about what you’re giving to your bubbas and littlies, but parents and Elders can talk to you about their own vaccination experiences and your doctor or health worker can answer any questions you might have about different vaccines.

They can let you know which vaccines your child needs and when to get them, to help keep them safe.

Let’s help keep the next generation of us mob protected.

Have a yarn to your doctor or health worker about free routine childhood immunisation or visit the website for more information.

It’s just one more way we keep our little ones safe.


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