Health professionals on the importance of routine childhood vaccination

When vaccinating your child, you may have questions about the vaccine being given. You can speak to your GP, practice nurse or immunisation provider about anything related to childhood vaccination.


Routine vaccination is important for

both babies and children to protect

against common diseases in our community

which is still present

you're safe and effective one because

they've been present for so many decades

now two all vaccines in Australia are

tested before they're approved and even

after they're approved they're still

routinely tested to make sure that

they're efficient and effective and safe

they've been thoroughly researched and

tested and as evidence of their safety

and their effectiveness is the fact that

we don't see as many diseases in the

community because so many children and

babies are immunized and protected most

of the diseases that we're vaccinating

against nowadays is very rare but that's

because of our high vaccination rate in

order to sustain that we need to keep

this High vaccination rate otherwise

there is a possibility that there's rare

diseases will come back

vaccination of your child is far better

than them Contracting the disease so I

encourage you to take the steps to

vaccinate your children getting your

child vaccinated takes only a few

minutes but then you'll have the peace

of mind that your children are well

protected from this preventable diseases


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