What’s really in a vape?

Watch this video to find out what’s really in a vape.


[[Voice over] Are you a part of vape nation? Well, this kind of thing has all happened before. 

[Voice from historical TV smoking advertisement] What cigarette do you smoke, doctor?

[Voice over] So, back in the 1920s, big tobacco used the women’s liberation movement, doctors, Santa and movie stars to make cigarettes appear cool and healthy to profit from the masses. 

And here we are in the vaping generation. But what’s really inside a vape?

Inhaling a vape pulls liquid from the fluid reservoir through a battery-powered heating coil, transforming liquid to aerosol. So what’s going into your lungs?

Well, a vape may have these chemicals, like propylene glycol, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, styrene, benzine, metals, ultrafine particles trapped in your lungs, and an oral fixation addiction to a nicotine hit that you keep chasing more and more of.

Is this what you really want?

So instead, choose healthy habits: exercise; make friends who want the best for you; look for something more than a quick fix. Spit the dummy, don’t let vaping be your ick.]

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Have you ever wondered what’s really in vapes? Find out how vapes work and some of the hundreds of toxic chemicals they can contain.

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