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Almost half of all Australians have health conditions that could be prevented. Find out what we’re doing to provide supportive and healthier environments that protect Australians from disease and injury.

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Find out what we’re doing to help Australians become and stay healthy.

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Did you know?

13.8% of adults

were daily smokers in 2017–18

1 in 2

Australians have at least 1 of 8 common chronic conditions

1 in 2

adults don't meet the physical activity guidelines

Latest resources

Latest resources

Oral Health Priority Actions – Implementation Recommendations

Element D of the National Roadmap for Improving the Health of People with Intellectual Disability includes actions for improving oral health. This paper presents recommendations from the Roadmap Implementation Governance Group for further action.

Screening tests for your new baby – Tasmania

Tasmanian Health Service information brochure explaining how newborn bloodspot screening works in Tasmania.

Adult Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) – Annual Health Assessment for People with Intellectual Disability

The Comprehensive Health Assessment Program (CHAP) is an evidence-based tool for conducting annual health assessments for people with intellectual disability in Australia

Health protection, preventive health and sport – Budget 2023–24

This Budget 2023–24 fact sheet outlines continued investments in health protection, preventive health and sport.